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Testimonials from the team


I had seen the LumiSpa on social media a few times and had thought about buying one so as soon as I saw Heather had started selling them I purchased one from her straight away, I think I was her first customer! The device has transformed my skin, I rarely wear make up and I’m now proud of my natural skin, which I never was before

I was going through a very difficult time in my life, separating from my long term partner after recently having a baby. I saw Heather doing well from the business and how much her confidence had grown. It took me a while to bite the bullet due to my circumstances but deep down always knew I would join. I took the plunge after returning to work from maternity to give myself something to focus on, to push me out of my comfort zone, overcome anxieties around peoples opinions of me and something purely for myself!

Ever since joining the business Heather has been incredibly supportive as well as other members of the team. This is more than just a group of girls selling skincare products, it is a community of supportive, intelligent and motivated business women creating an extra income around their jobs, families and day to day lives!



I have always struggled with my skin, suffering from rosacea and hormonal breakouts, after giving birth to my baby boy through IVF I decided to invest in the Lumispa as my skin really flared up with all of the postpartum hormones! I fell in love with how my skin improved and I wanted to help other people achieve that too, however, the main reason I got involved in this amazing business is for my baby, I didn’t want to return to my job as a bridal MUA and have to leave my baby. This business gives me the freedom to work from anywhere while never having to leave my son, this really means everything to me! I can’t thank Heather enough for making me aware of this opportunity and introducing me to the community of likeminded people who all support each other 110%!



I bought my LumiSpa from Heather initially being a little apprehensive I fell in love with it sooo quickly. I was so happy with the changes I was seeing with my skin that when Heather came back ‘round to ask me about the business I finally took the plunge.

I was nervous about EVERYTHING… speaking online, messaging people, worrying about peoples opinions and views of my posts. What I came to find was that this business is not just a mechanism to make money but an opportunity to make real friendships with long term options to generate an additional income of my choosing.

The support and motivation I’ve received from Heather and other amazing people throughout this community has helped me feel more confident and happier in myself than I have in a long time.

I’m really grateful for what this opportunity has given me so far



I’m an IVF mum to my beautiful daughter, Harper. When my maternity leave ended last year, I returned to work part time but have found that I just don’t enjoy it anymore.
After investing in the LumiSpa and loving it, I decided to look into the business side of things. I already had what I needed to get started and had nothing to lose.
I’m now part of an amazing, super supportive team who go above and beyond to help everyone reach their goals. And the best part is, I get to share amazing skincare products and help others feel more confident in their skin!

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